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Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Memory Of ... Amy Winehouse

Undeniably one of the most charismatic and troubled female singers of 21st Century, she left the world and joined the (in)famous Club 27. She joined artists like Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix who left this world too early, at the age of 27. All for the same, careless, reason – drugs and alcohol. Amy Winehouse was a music icon while still alive, but she wasn't able to resist her demons. Uncountable number of rehabs she entered, partying hard with complete blackouts and wardrobe malfunctions were her identification mark. As well as her big hair and winged eyeliner. Amy Winehouse lost her addiction battle and may it be an eye opening tragedy for the rest of show business stars who struggle with similar problems.

Amy's rough past had a huge impact on her stage performances. From lively singer she went to a mumbling and barely standing on her feet so her tour dates had to canceled. Contralto singer hit the rock bottom after marrying her (already ex) husband, Blake, who is mostly to blame for her addiction problems. But, before she became tabloids favorite (not for her singing skills), Amy was on top in music business.

After releasing her jazz inspired debut album Frank in 2003 Amy gained worldwide attention that was followed by her second record Back To Black and even more success was to come. With great hits like Rehab and You Know I'm No Good she peaked up in European and US charts and album was a best seller. Amy was awarded with couple of Grammys and other music industry awards. She was performing all over the world and also made special appearances on tv and radio shows. Unlike Frank, Back To Black was inspired by late 50s and early 60s music that beautifully combined with Amy's retro style. She was inspirational to many women as they attempted to copy her hairstyle and funky eyeliner. She climbed up as quick as she fell down, but sometimes people need to crash and burn before they realize their issues.

After marrying Blake, Amy was more often been drugged, drunk rather than not. Her stage performances were highly influenced by her addictions as she performed high. After the divorce not much has changed as she was still using and partying so hard she couldn't walk. Numerous rehabs she entered didn't do much good nor approved her health as she was always going back to her usual ways. Despite being warned by doctors that if she doesn't stop she will die (it was just a matter of time) she did her own thing. She started looking thinner and thinner, dirtier ans from a glamorous girl looks she started reminding Courtney Love.

There was a brief moment in 2011 when friends and family thought she's back on track, but we couldn't be more mistaken. One after another disappointing performance her tour was canceled again, and so was her new album recording that was supposed to be her big come back. However, the record labels have no sympathy for people who pass away and smell big bucks on the occasion, so - who knows? ...

All of a sudden, on July 23rd the world was hit with the news that Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27. Now, she joined the Club 27 of artists who died at that age during their best music days.

But, let's remind Amy from her glory days as a wonderful singer with one of a kind voice ...

And, remember - drugs & alcohol are No, No, No...



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