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Mission Statement/Guidelines

Welcome to the SoGoPro Street Team Blog!
This is a great place for devoted fans to show off their SoGoPro Pride! As you must already know, the SoGoPro crew, Hilarie Burton, Nick Gray, and Kelly Tenney- strive to make their company accessible to everyone, giving us all a taste of the magic they cook up. With such careful attention to their supporters, The Hellick give us something more than just fantastic projects such as F.U.C.T., and the release of Pedestrian- they encourage our creative worlds. We become driven to find our own paths that satisfy our talents... We build confidence, and we build it together.

By becoming a Contributing Author to this blog- you are not only declaring your important place in our community, but you are addressing the pure inspiration Southern Gothic Productions has brought to you- in any shape or form. You are contributing to a more than just a group of people around the world, you are contributing to a passion.

The mission of The SoGoPro Street Team Blog- is to openly express your undying love for SGP in whatever creative ways you work best. SGP thrives on it's variety- with Webisodes, Feature Films, Music, Graphic Novels in the works, the use of up to date and interactive technology... And of course, the widespread support received from all over the world. The ability to bring this community even closer together is something to not only strive for, but something to take pride in!
There are only 100 slots open for Contributing Authors. I need to be contacted in order for you to receive your invitation. See contact information at the bottom of the page. Most likely, assuming there is availability, you will be invited to publish posts on this blog.

There are certain expectations that come with this privilege-
1) Don't abuse your publishing power: This is not a place to spam irrelevant material. All submissions are expected to be with pride and appreciation toward The SGP Street Team and Southern Gothic Productions.

2) Remember, you can be removed: Over time, as SoGoPro's fanbase increases- as this blog receives more traffic- whatever the situation, there may come a time that we are full and unable to grant any more author positions. In that event, a waiting list will be accumulated and upon an author be dismissed or decide to withdraw from publishing privileges, the first on the list will then replace that position. Don't take your spot for granted.

3) Get into it!: This is a really fantastic place to show off the submissions we may not get to see on the Scratchpad section. We urge you to participate in both! SGP encourages fan art and creativity- this is for you!

Suggestions for Publishing Posts:
With the possibility of having up to 100 people contributing to this page, it is reasonable to expect there to be certain informal process to keeping your entry fresh, interesting and even something people anticipate seeing more of....

1) Treat each entry like an "article" or a "scrapbook": Give it your own personal permanent title, like: "Daily SGP Art Contribution" or "Mitsy's Mark"- something, anything (appropriate ;p ) and take pride in it! Give readers a reason to admire your work!

2)When adding a photo or video- give us details! What inspired it? Where were you? All the little details you'd want to hear from Hilarie or Nick in the blogs. Give us all you got- it's your time to shine!

3)We trust that if you use content from other sources you will properly cite them. We respect the rightful owners of all creative content and would not want to see anybody removed for violating ownership rights.

4) You never know who might stop by:  By posting on this page you're acknowledging the strong affiliation between The SoGoPro Street Team and It is not unreasonable to assume that inappropriate behavior here could go over poorly on that end as well. We are all friends, and loyal supporters out to love SGP with all our hearts- We value this.

5)Make Friends!: By publishing in an open format, there is a huge opportunity here to get to know other SoGoPro folks that you haven't met yet! Some people are more comfortable blogging than chatting- and vice versa. Here we have an interactive way to inspire new conversation starters everyone can enjoy and take part in! No better way to increase your Facebook Friends eh?

Now... What if you're not a Contributing Author?
Don't worry- not only can you be placed on the waiting list if you so choose, but you can also still comment on all of the entries assuming the author allows them. I should hope that given our goal to encourage conversation and interaction, most entries will have that access. Until a spot opens up, and even after one does we always encourage comments and thoughts to be left on entries. Encouragement, contructive criticism where asked for, feedback- anything.... Get into it!

You can't post if you don't email me with an email address compatible with Blogger at this account:
After I receive your email address I will send the invite and you have instant posting access!
Start as soon as you want! Instantly, even!

To stay organized, if you submit an email to me, please also "Follow" this blog- as there will be updates from time to time. Thanks!

Show off your SGP Pride!

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