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 I've been telling you all there was a contest in the works... Well here are all the details!

Objective: We are a Street Team... So let me ask you- How often do you go out and about your town, school, workplace- and promote SoGoPro to someone you don't know? Probably not often, if ever... Let's change that, shall we?You have until May 30th to do one (or more) of the following and submit it to me, at

  • Record a video of yourself talking to someone who doesn't know about Southern Gothic Productions. If you have any SoGo Merchandise be sure to incorporate it in your video! Do you remember when Hilarie went on the river walk and over to the beach to promote SoGo? Get creative and have fun!
    Try and keep videos between 2-5 minutes. Feel free to upload them to Youtube, and send me the link.
  • Create a sign promoting SoGoPro... How will you entice someone in your local neighborhood to check us out? Put your homemade visual to good use and put it somewhere in your town to encourage others to see what SGP is about. Take a photo of your sign/visual in the location you believe will get some new people on over to us, and send it to me. Please include a brief explanation as to why you chose your location, why you designed your visual the way you did, etc.*Upload your photos to the SoGo Street Team Flickr! :)
Any folks that come into the C-box, ST Twitter, or ST Blog who mention your video/sign experience might win bonus points from the panel of team members who eventually judge your entry!
For every Street Team member there is a city, coffee shop, neighborhood, workplace, or school near by. There are friends and families, coworkers and acquaintances...Perhaps a cute boy you want to get to know better.... There are people right near you who might really enjoy SGP. Wouldn't you love to help SGP get out there?
Sure, the Internet is "all that" these days- but we SoGo Folks like to keep some traditional routes to exposure too, or so I'd like to think. So let's get a little old fashioned, talk to people- immerse yourself in the world that surrounds you and try to bring a piece of it back here. Get creative and have fun!

Might I suggest adding a theme to your entry? One that is relevant to Pedestrian, F.U.C.T., the Hellick-etc.
Other creative methods to promoting SoGo in public will be accepted! Remember, we want to spread the word! :)

Here's how it's going to work:
  1. You all will submit your entries to me by May 30th.
  2. I will put together a small panel of street team members who will vote for the most creative entries. From all the entries, the top 5 will be displayed here on the blog.
  3. Once the panel is in agreement, a poll will be available for everyone to vote toward the winning entry of the top 5.
  4. Winners will receive SoGoPro Merchandise!!! Along with much love and praise from this fabulous community :)
Prizes can include signed Hilarie Burton tee- SoGoPro tank top, SoGoPro Wristband, SGP Tattoo, Mark Schwann's company Mastermind Labratories Car sticker... will vary depending on winner's placement (first-last place)

This page will be devoted to any/all on-going SoGoPro Street Team Projects. If you would like to submit a project to this page, feel free to email with the information. Please have it prepared for publishing (no typos, grammar mistakes- is easy to read and understand).

Presented by Kendall on the Street Team Blog Here on Saturday, January 16, 2010
 I have an exciting idea to present to you all. If you've been around in chat then you might have heard Karen L and I (amongst a few others) discussing this..

After being honored by SoGoPro three times this week, (which was amazing and shocking..)- I tried to think of ways we could all be recognized for our talents, together. We're a team, after all- and though we may not all be able to play an instrument or read music, there is still a way to contribute to this project. Everyone can rhyme!

For those of you who are musically inclined, I'm asking you to help create the music for an original SoGoPro Street Team Song- This will be made possible by those of you who have the means to record yourself. If you don't have the right program, maybe a friend does. It's worth looking into. If you aren't able to contribute a recording, there is another way to join in- and that's by creating the lyrics.
You can either email me at with a verse (or a few!), or leave them in a comment here.
Now- for those of you wondering how this will work- more information will appear here on the blog as the process continues. Communication will be very important as will the ability to adhere to some form of deadline. Your contributions will most certainly affect other people's ability to add on to them, so please respect whatever amount of time you are allotted to get your piece done.
Where will the song come from? How will we begin? These are reasonable questions that I myself am still trying to answer. The best I have at this point in time, is BE THINKING! What do you want it to sound like? Upbeat? Something we can dance to?
I will create a few ideas, and we can put it to a vote. We're looking for a foundation right now- not the entire song. Creation is a delicate process. There is no "rush". Let's make this happen naturally!
So for starters, if you are interested, comment below or contact me somehow. Not everyone involved with SGP comes to this blog, so talk to your friends in chat and get a feel for those who are interested.
Those who write lyrics can also join in on musical contributions as well- and all interested street teamers will be asked to continuously offer their feedback on the evolution of the song.

This could be an extremely wonderful thing! Imagine a piece of music created by people all over the world. This will take some time to perfect and things may be a bit tricky to start but once we get it right, there could be several amazing pieces of music that only bring us a little closer together.
When we all get to meet one day we'll be able to play them for The Hellick ;)
So let me know if your interested, what you play- any initial thoughts you have on this endeavor... And START WRITING LYRICS!
(those who contribute multiple verses may only see one in the final product depending on how many we receive- no worries, credit will be given to all involved.)
Ready, set- GO!

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