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Saturday, July 23, 2011

SoGoPro Street Team interview: Laura McCann

Real Name: Laura McCann

Age: Younger than 19

SoGoPro member for: 2 years and 6 weeks


About me: I live in Liverpool, UK with my mum, dad and cat Tolkein (I love Lord Of The Rings). I spend lots of my time with my friends, listening to music, reading, writing the usual jazz. I also live by the motto, 'don't do anything unless it promises to be fun' which can cause problems when it comes to school work lol :D

Favorite Music: where do I begin... elvis costello, david bowie, bon jovi, green day, u2, the honorary title, la rocca, tom waits, dolly parton, taylor swift, martina mcbride, johnny cash, ben kweller, foof fighters, fall out boy, bowling for soup, the wombats, good charlotte, elvis presely, bruce springsteen, franz ferdinand, the illers, travis, thebandwithnoname, yfriday... and so much more

Favorite Books: Harry Potter septology (not sure thats a word), Lord of the Rings trilogy, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Secret Life OF Bees, The Boy In Striped Pjamas and When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.

Favorite Movies: Same as books as well as, A Knight's Tale, Clueless, Tootsie, Sweeny Todd, Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Carribean trilogy and The Addams Family.


The interview:

Peter and Miryam: First of all we would like to thank you that you agreed to be interviewed by us. Hmm, can you guess already with wich question we would like to start off with? ...yes, exactly: how did you find out about SoGoPro and what does it mean to you?

Laura: I guessed correctly! lol Well, I am a HUGE One Tree Hill fan, as I’m discovering lots of us are and Peyton was my favourite character as I find certain aspects of her character easy to identify with. I watched interviews with all the cast, naturally, and during one Hilarie mentioned SoGoPro so I immediately googled it and found my way to the very first SoGoPro blog. I was hooked straight away! Without wishing to sound corny or cliched but SoGoPro does mean a lot. It is a unique community of inspiration and I am entirely grateful for the encouragement I have received concerning my own endeavours.

Peter and Miryam: “A community of inspiration” -beautifully said!!...maybe that should be a new slogan for SoGoPro, definately fits ;) So then what was the best experience you’ve had with SoGoPro so far and how did it influence you?

Laura: I think there have been two ‘best experiences’. The first concerns yourself Miryam. The fact that you have taken the time to edit my own writing really means a lot and has been so incredibly helpful so Thank You! (Miryam: oh my, I think I can’t turn more red!! ...but really more enjoying the read than editing, its great work you’re producing there!) The second is the fact that Aniiyy allowed and trusted me to edit her own wonderful work. It helped me to help her and I really enjoyed myself.

Peter and Miryam: It does sound as if you’re really involved in literature! We know how much you love books (also the ones you don’t write or edit ;p ) and music- can you share for everyone who doesn’t know yet what they mean to you?

Laura: Oh jeez, I have about a year to explain, don’t I? Firstly, books and music are always there, they don’t leave or judge you. You just have to find the right song or story and immediately you have something to identify with. Also I like to describe my self as a escapologist not in a physical sense like Houdini (though that would be awesome!) (yeah, it would!) but in a mental sense. Good books take you away to other lands like Lord Of The Rings (my cat’s called Tolkien), or wrap in you in magical mysteries like Harry Potter, yet due to the craftsmanship of the writing they are still believably and absorbing tales. Even tales of real people that are written well still allow for some escapism whilst teaching you about reality or giving hope that there is something else out there.

Music is much the same. I have a huge interest in Psychology; why is my favourite question. I find that a lot of really genuine artists open out their souls with their music and leave them to be questioned and delved into. The whole idea of knowing how someone feels about a particular event, or at a particular time just excites and fascinates me. This doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a good old dance to ‘Wannabe’ by Spice Girls or that I don’t watch Eurovision every year because I do! it’s just that I am very aware that music is a big deal. As I described myself in 140 characters on Twitter, Music is the soundtrack to my life, Films are the entertainment, Magic is my friends, Love fills the gaps.

Peter and Miryam: What a way to describe yourself! Speaking of magic and delving into different worlds: as you mentioned before, you yourself are writing as well. How do you find your inspiration?

Laura: How do I not find it? I can literally find inspiration from anywhere, I take a lot of it from experiences and emotions. Writing is my release, some people go for a jog when they get stressed or are in need of entertainment, I write and write and write and write! It does get frustrating as sometimes I have about seven ideas at once and other times I don’t have any solid ideas just wisps of imagination.

Peter and Miryam: Haha, just imagine Laura with 7 hands to write all her ideas down!! ;) So then what got you into writing and what makes you go on?

Laura: I’ve always written I suppose. English and History have always been my favourite subjects at school and I’ve always performed best in those lessons. I go on because as I say it is my release, if I didn’t write then I’d lead a very sheltered and confused life. Also, I’ve become more confident with my writing so I have allowed others to read it (Miryam: And I thank you a lot for that!) and they ask me for it so I feel like I’m performing a service.

Peter and Miryam: It is no secret, that you want to be an author. And it is great that you have started to show your work to others as well. As far as we know, you also write songs and poetry. Could you imagine yourself as a songwriter as well? And what about scriptwriting, could you also imagine writing movies?

Laura: I will genuinely write anything a person will read! I would love my business card to just say, ‘writer’ and I could spend my days sat in a country cottage with people ringing me and asking me to this or that. That would be my ideal ‘job’ mainly because it would be no job at all. Yes, I could definitely imagine myself doing that but before I commit to it full time I think I shall fight crime first.

Peter and Miryam: Nice image! One can really picture you- retired crime fighter, in her little cottage surrounded by flowers and interestingly growing trees, being called up on an old string phone...”Ms McCann, we need you to write down a new adventure...ancient Egypt, thief steals Cleopatra’s jewels, include some supernatural elements; format: filmscript, make it extendable so we could throw in a sequel when it goes well; due date: asap...yesterday would have been good, but tomorrow will do too”...haha!

Anyways, tell us, which is your favorite segment on SoGoPro?

Laura: Hmmm....this is a tricky one. I think it is a toss up between the Sunday Interviews because I love hearing other people’s stories and the Musicopedia because I love music, stories and finding facts that perhaps others have never heard.

Peter and Miryam: We feel honored, thank you. You have also made some friends through SoGoPro- Aniiyy for example, who trusted you enough to edit her book. What does that mean to you?

Laura: It means a lot. That trust someone puts in you and your opinion is really honouring. I am so appreciative of the opportunity. The whole experience aided my work as much as I hope it aided Aniiyy. I really enjoyed it and it was a very easy job as Aniiyy is a brilliant writer.

Miryam and Peter: Ok, now lets just hear a little scoop of your imagination: A while ago Kendall was searching for ideas for a new contest and you gave her the idea of asking us which superpowers the Hellick should have. We thought this was a fantastic idea. Which superpowers did you give them and why? What adventure would they fight in your comic strip?

Laura: (found my original tweet) I decided: KT - time control, Nick - mind control, Hilarie - metamorphosis and they'd all have really cool outfits & invisibility cloaks.

Hmmm.... I think they would be filming one day and suddenly all of the equipment would turn on them thanks to an evil and jealous director. Hilarie would transform into a camera or something and take out some of the equipment from the inside. Nick would make the evil director stop forcing the equipment to turn on them but it turns out the equipment is now acting on their KT turns back time and throws out the equipment, buys new stuff and sends the director on a nice ‘holiday’ :) Yeah, that’ll do for 10 o’clock in the morning.

Miryam and Peter: Haha, that’s fantastic!

So on that note we would like to thank you very much for taking the time to perform this interview with us, especially since you are going on holidays today! Enjoy your travels and don’t forget to upload some pictures after you return ;)

Laura: Thank you both!


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