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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Musicopedia - U2

DISCLAIMER: Guys I have to be upfront this is something I have errrrrr put together thanks to wiki and some childhood memories, as I knew kasia was out of action this week and wasn't going to be able to post on Thursday as usual!

Hope you enjoy! Titles like this marked my youth, and are marking my kids too, bad or good - yet to decide, but i would rather have U2 than Bieber!

So, I liked the oldies, I love the middle years and the jury is still out on the new stuff. Call me a stick in the mud -

With or Without you is a song that has touched me on so many levels, as a kid listening to my sister belt this out through her sterio, first break up, first family death, first live concert.... This is a beauty and even if Bono has a crap voice, the song does the work!

See, Kasia has been busy, and I am not brilliant at these, but I hope this gives you an insight into my youth! I was about 6 months old, when the band formed in Dublin on 25 September 1976. Larry Mullen Jr a 14-year-old student at Mount Temple Comprehensive School, posted a note on the school's notice board in search of musicians for a new band—six people responded. Setting up in his kitchen, Mullen was on drums, with Paul Hewson on lead vocals; David Evans and his older brother Dik Evans on guitar; Adam Clayton, a friend of the Evans brothers on bass guitar!

I have books on these guys, I have shirts from concerts I wasn't at and I adore the band, but I am not sure what my take is on them now - I think I liked them better then!

(Wiki) 1983 - U2 Live at Red Rocks depicts the band's performance at Red Rocks on a rain-soaked evening. The weather threatened to cancel the concert, but the band had invested in the filming with Island Records and concert promoter Barry Fey and wished to proceed with the gig. The rain and the torch-lit natural beauty of the surroundings combined to dramatise U2's performance. Critics praised the concert and the video, and it subsequently became a best-seller. The video, along with Under a Blood Red Sky, helped establish U2's reputation as a remarkable live band, and it boosted Red Rocks' stature as a live venue in the US. A remastered edition of U2 Live at Red Rocks was released on DVD in September 2008, featuring previously unreleased tracks. Rolling Stone selected the film's performance of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" as one of the "50 Moments that Changed the History of Rock and Roll".

Another moment that marked me was watching the late show with Gay Byrne, and U2 were the guests, in the olden days when they still did this kind of show……. So this is Christmas, its an oldie 16th December 1998 I was 12! Scroll throught to about 3mins40 for the tune.

There is something very haunting about alot of their earlier stuff, and a lot of commercialism in their recent stuff... but a band I stand by all the same!

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