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Monday, May 30, 2011

National Anthem at UML Commencement 2011

Hi friends-

I just wanted to share this video with you. My two best friends and I had the pleasure of singing the National Anthem at our Commencement ceremony. The conductor of our concert band told us it was the best version he had heard in 20 years.

The arrangement is entirely ours, and was entirely improvised until we found the right chords. The most popular moment is "And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air" as we hit a seventh chord there.

I'm extremely proud of my friends and myself for being able to stand up in front of a completely filled arena- which has housed many amazing performances before ours. We're to do the same thing this coming Saturday there as well.

Naturally my intentions aren't to turn this blog into a Kendall fest- but I figured it may be entertaining for you all to see not only myself in this moment but my two best friends.

You should definitely skip ahead to minute 40 or so. It starts around 42:48 It's after the man with the pole screaming but before anyone else takes the podium.
I tried to embed it, but the best quality video available is impossible to get the code for!

You'll note the woman does not know how to pronounce my last name oh well! :)

I'm bass on the left, the girl in the middle is Elisabeth on melody, and Theresa on the right- is top harmony.

Love Harmonies!!! Enjoy. Feedback always welcome! It's Memorial Day so maybe it is appropriate after all :)

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