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Thursday, April 7, 2011

SoGoPro Street Team Sunday Interview: Jaclyne

Name: Jaclyne Selvig

Age: 26 member for 1 Year 44 Weeks


Favorite Musik: I love music in general. I listen to just about anything. Huge country fan though. Terri Clark is my favorite artist. But I listen to everything from No Doubt, Pink, Celine Dion, and Dixie Chicks, to Rob Zombie, Toronto, Black Sabbath, and Static X. I'm also a sucker for anything 90's, and the oldies from the 50s and 60s.

Favorite Books: I'm not a huge reader. I really like true crime, and books that are funny and witty. Secret Life of Bees and In Her Shoes have probably been two of my favorite reads. I'm reading Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish, it's pretty good. I've also picked up a few graphic novels that have been interesting. Jeff Lemire's The Nobody was dark, but good.

Favorite Movies: I like a lot of movies. My all time favorite is Titanic. I love everything about that film. My 'go-to' movie is For Richer or Poorer, I find it hilarious, and never get tired of it. Anything with Sandra Bullock or Kate Winslet. I don't think I've disliked any of their films. I'm also a big Monty Python fan, Holy Grail is one of my favorites for sure. I also love horrors and thrillers. Silence of the Lambs is a classic. There are so many movies in every genre that I could call a favorite. Wizard of Oz, Secret Life of Bees, Rumble in the Bronx, are just a couple random faves.


The Interview:

Dani: Jaclyne, I’m really happy that you have not yet been interviewed in this Series so that I have the chance to be the lucky one ;) You know, we’ve met almost two years ago in Wilmington. But to my shame I don’t really know as much about you as I’d like to. So please, do tell the others and myself a little bit about yourself. What are the things one should know about Jaclyne Selvig?

Jaclyne: Well, firstly, interviews make me nervous. Hoping for nice questions ;) Even though this first one is a doozy. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year and a half ago that I met you in a parking deck! Seems so crazy! I’m not sure if it showed, but I’m really quite shy. (Nope, didn’t notice that at all! You’re a good actress then ;)) Laughter is the best ice breaker with me. Depending on the person it can take a while, but once I’m opened up it’s a whole new ball game. I am typically up for anything and everything. I love to venture, maybe get a little lost just for fun. Life is an adventure, so why not live up to that? I am a concert/live music JUNKIE. I’ll see anyone. I tend to be terrible at conversing when seeing live music though, I get really caught up in it. I love the theatre and a good hockey game or Nascar race. I’m fairly straightforward, not too many layers to this onion...maybe I’ll go with cake.

Dani: If you could spend 24 hours with someone from the film industry (there are so many professions we’ve learned in the Industry Interviews with Kelly), who would you choose? And how would you wanna spend those 24 hours?

Jaclyne: I have always been interested in the industry, so I am loving the interviews. I couldn’t see me in a directors chair, but I would definitely love to spend time with one. I’d like to cheat and spend a day with a director who also writes and/or produces. Someone who has worked on various genres of film. I’d like to just walk around quiet sets and talk about the process of going through different films. Like the difference in how they use lighting in a horror compared to a drama, or the differences in their camera angles between action and horror. Maybe sit down and watch one of their films and discuss how they went through each scene, why they set it up the way they did.

Dani: I’m guessing you have seen the movie „Eat Pray Love“ starring Julia Roberts? If you were in the same situation as Elizabeth Gilbert, standing on a crossroad, trying to find the meaning of your life and deciding to go on a journey. Which three countries would you go to? And why those?

Jaclyne: I have not seen it actually, isn’t that terrible!? *shakes head at self* I love culture, and I love my heritage. I think it is important to know your roots. I don’t know enough about mine so I would definitely make a stop in Norway. We have Norweigan food every now and again, but I would love to try it right in Norway. Then, since Titanic has consumed a lot of my free time, I would love to go to the UK, the Southampton area, where Titanic began its maiden voyage. After that I think I would go to New Zealand, just to take in the picturesque scenery. Seems like a place where you can just reflect, relax, and spend a lot of time with nature.

Dani: Let me know when you hit Norwegian ground. I’ll be there to meet you :) The Northern part of Europe is one of my favourite parts to travel to. And hey, go rent that movie ;)

Imagine you had the capability to travel in time. Where would you wanna live? The times of Little House on the Prairie maybe? Woodstock?

Jaclyne: I would probably head to the 50s. I love most everything about that decade. I am a HUGE fan of the oldies music, like the classic rock and roll of Elvis and Buddy Holly, and the Doo-Wop of Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Drifters and The Coasters. Oh I just love it all! I would love to experience the music first hand, amongst the hype. I also LOVE the classic cars. So it would be neat to be around them ALL the time. Seeing them all in original paint and unmodified under the hood. Dancing was popular, along with and diners, and drive-ins. Just seems like a fun decade. Plus I would love to rock around in a poodle skirt!

Dani: Off to google how a poodle skirt looks like … yup, I def can imagine you wearing that ;)

Actors have the ability to slip into a role. Someone completely different from themselves. Which other person would you like to be? If at all :)

Jaclyne: Oh this is a hard one. So many interesting and fun people. Calamity Jane. Or possibly Margaret Brown. Both are strong women, with a lot of heart, who made it in a mans world. Jane could ride, talk, and fight like a man. She travelled all over the US, mostly by horse and wagon or train. Very ‚Oregon Trail’ like. I can’t ride a horse, so that would be interesting. But it would be amazing to be out in the wild like that. Then there’s Margaret. She did so much, before women could vote she attempted to get herself on Congress, she studied acting, she was a philanthropist, she knew multiple langauges, and survived the sinking of Titanic. To see the ship in its complete mass, experience its class, and then survive her ill fate, would be incredible. Yes, tragic too, but it would be amazing to help others understand what the ship really was like.

Dani: When we’re little we have dreams about what we wanna be in the future. Like myself, I wanted to be a farmers wife (haven’t found that farmer yet *lol*) What’s the profession you have dreamed about as a kid? Has your dream changed throughout the years?

Jaclyne: Being a farmers wife would be quite nice J I had a few dreams as a kid, one was to work in film. My dad had one of those big old Hitachi camcorders that recorded on full size VHS that I would carry around with me. And the other was to become an astrophysicist. I was a night owl as a child who loved to stare at the stars then run to my room and read about them. Dreams changed because a councelor discouraged me from film, and my physics marks dropped later in high school and I thought they wouldn’t be high enough to get me in to a good program. I never quite let go of the film dream, amongst my various college studies I made sure I threw in some courses that would apply to film if need be. As for the astrophysics, that dream ended when I got my diploma in highschool, but I still read about the universe quite often. I’m also pretty sure I wanted to be an author of those ‚Choose Your Own Adventure’ books.

Dani: Now let’s get a little bit in the SoGoPro Land. What is your first memory of SoGoPro?

Jaclyne: Wow that is so long ago already. I remember reading the blogs for the first time and laughing to myself about them. I found them rather entertaining. I think my first interaction with anyone would have been in Cbox probably with Sue (wonder how she is doing?), Megan, and Ali. I remember almost everyone that came through on Cbox was so well versed, and had great opinions, and were very interesting people right off the bat. It wasn’t like a regular chat room with obnoxious people. There was the odd riff raff but they usually didn’t last long. It was fun conversation.

Dani: Funny that you mention Sue. Me too, I was just recently wondering where she might be. Lets hope we’ll meet her again sometime …

How do you explain SoGoPro to your friends and family?

Jaclyne: It’s tough to explain, as most of them are not interested in any part of the industry or the I out and allows others to share their own pieces and views in art, music, books, and photogrpahy, mostly related to the southern gothic genre. With that it has created more of a community.

Dani: SoGoPro has been in our lifes for a while now. What would you say has this little company brought into your life that you don’t want to miss anymore? I think I already know the answer to that one ;)

Jaclyne: Yes the answer to this one is pretty easy, I have made some amazing friends here. Even though I don’t see or talk to everyone everyday, I couldn’t imagine not knowing these people. It’s rare to find people that you can have a great time with doing whatever, even if it’s not much at all. I also enjoy the friends all over the world that maybe I will never meet or have the opportunity to visit (although I hope I do!) but they are so interesting, creative, and smart. There’s this fairly constant flow of creativity and insight coming from SGP and the people around here. Whether I look back on a photo someone has taken, a blog they’ve written, or a quote mentioned, sometimes it’s inspiring, sometimes its interesting or entertaining. Seeing other people be creative, really gets my mind in to the creative mood.

Dani: If you had to put SoGoPro into one picture, what would we see?

Jaclyne: Oh this is picture. Okay at first glance you see old creepy gothic iron gates (of course). At closer inspection of the gate, you see what looks like the shape of the comedy tragedy masks within the intricate pattern of the iron on each gate, old cameras at the top side posts, the vines growing over the brick wall are actually filmstrip at close inspection, and if you look past the gates (you may have to squint to make it out it’s quite subtle so that you take in everything within the picture) you can see a party going on back there.

Dani: Very nice! I can see myself entering that picture and it becoming alive!

As mostly everyone probably knows already, there was a meet up in Wilmington in the Summer of 2009. 8 strangers coming together in this lovely town. Now I think there’s always a risk in meeting someone you’ve only known through the Internet. I mean there was a chance that you might not get along with those people. What were your feelings before boarding that plane in Canada? Were you nervous? Anxious?

Jaclyne: There is huge risk in meeting someone through the internet. We lucked out big time, that out of 8 people no one was crazy, or not who they were online. Okay maybe we were slightly crazy ;) (oh, just slightly, Jac, just slightly ;)) It was a strange feeling boarding the plane. It wasn’t really nerves. I never had done anything like that so I was excited to be venturing and doing something for myself. This curious and excited part greatly outweighed any part that could have been nervous. When the plane was in the air there was a part of me that kind of thought what am I doing. Probably because at initial take off was the point of no return. I think it was more shock though, like I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it. It was also kind of calming to know I wouldn’t be approaching all 7 of you at once. I knew I had time to get comforatable with a few people at a time. But yes, everyone should definitely take caution when going in to something like that.

Dani: Imagine I’d be coming for a visit to your place. What are the things you’d want me to see and who are the people you’d want me to meet?

Jaclyne: I am still sad I didn’t get a chance to see you while you were somewhat near here. So I shouldn’t imagine this, I think you should visit! We have plenty of farmers ;) (Niceeeee :)) I’m not too sure we would stay IN my city, there really isn’t a whole lot here. There’s tressle bridge that is impressive, and the coulee that runs through it is beautiful. Then we have a restaurant in our water tower which I think is neat. So after a brief tour I think I would probably take you from one corner of the province to the other. It still amazes me that you can go through vast farm fields and end up at the badlands and hike the hoodoos, and when you go the other direction you go through coulees, foot hills, more farm fields, and then you hit the Rockies. You can see the evidence of a massive rock slide, explore a hidden ghost town, tour a coal mine, walk on a glacier, and see the beauty that is Banff. You can see so many different land scapes within a couple hours. I’d love to see the photos you would take of this area! The would probably be a mix between my family, and the people I camp with. Not only would I want you to meet my family, but I also want them to meet you. I love my family, we’re a little nutty though. And the camping crew, they are interesting people, and very ‚Southern Albertan’. Everyone is fairly laid back, but likes a good time, and they are all extremely welcoming. Although later in the evening they tend to let loose and a little loud :)

Dani: That sounds all very nice! Might be thinking about coming for a visit now :) So beware of me and my camera ;)

What is your favourite Season oft he Year? And why?

Jaclyne: It used to be winter, I LOVED the cold. I must be getting old, because it gets harder to deal with every year. I’m definitely going to follow the ways of the goose and go south when I retire. So I would probably have to say early fall. The colors are starting to change, but you can still get really warm weather so that you can get the last bit of camping in. The tops of the mountains may be starting to show a little snow, which makes a beautiful backdrop. When I go out to my grandma’s farm everyone is out in their fields harvesting. I enjoy watching the commotion in the fields. There’s Thanksgiving and a great turkey dinner complete with mimosas. And of course fall is home to Halloween! Which really should be a stat holiday, and mandatory that everyone dress up!

Dani: I think we really should meet again, Jac. Fall’s my fav season too :)

I remember the Vlog about the Message in a Tree and the wonderful poem of Pablo Neruda. ( ; This inspired you to start the Message in a Bottle, which became the Treasure Chest in the end ( Again, a wonderful thing you’ve done there, Jac! Now my question. If you were to find a message like that, addressed to the person who finds it, asking for help. How would you react? Would you try to find that person or would you just forget about it?

Jaclyne: Thank you Dani! I’m still so glad that so many people from all over were a part of it. And thank you for being the first. It was really neat that the first I received for the box was all the way from Switzerland. I’m not sure what my initial reaction would be, but I know that I would try and find that person. I believe that there is a reason for everything, and that sort of thing doesn’t happen everyday, so I couldn’t forget about it. Oh man my brain would be rattled with questions for an extensive period of time if I did.

Dani: What is a „Perfect Day“ for you?

Jaclyne: I have so many perfect days. I couldn’t fit everything in to one. A perfect day that I could use right now would just be spent in the mountains on a hot summer day. Relaxing and visiting with the crew, maybe a quad ride up the mountain, a swim in the fresh mountain run off, then warm up by the fire and then of course I would enjoy some drinks under the stars.

Thank you for interviewing me Dani!! And for being nice ;)

Dani: Thank you for being a part of SGP and giving me such wonderful answers! And how could I not be nice with someone like you ;)

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