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Simply Hilarie
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hanging up hat, boots and errr 'beard'??

Hi guys,

Well this is a fairly sad post and I am hoping y'all understand where we are coming from, but after two highly sucessful Secret Santa gift exchanges Elf, (better known as Astrid) and I are hanging up the hat and boots and retiring!

Its been a fun adventure and essentially it has been a victim of its own success. As SGP streeteam numbers continued to grow it has become harder and harder to manage. Some of you may be aware, some not, but the 'extra gifts' that had to be bought and sent last year to compensate for some people 'not playing the game' really made us realise that the community has now grown too much for us to ensure fair play by all.

Maybe some of you will feel inspired by Kasias birthday card exchange, or another Christmassy idea to get everyone in the spirit, and whoever feels they want to embark upon something similar will have our full support.

Thanks to everyone who made it a very special time for us all, with a special wink to my own Secret santas, on and off the record!


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