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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Audio Blog Talk: Moon Scars

Quick bit before I start...

Hi Guys Aniiyy or Anika here. 2000 of us around the world have been picked to help Peter Facinelli (Carlisle from the Twilight series) help raise money for Alex's Lemonade Stand (Google if you do not know what it is). This is an amazing cause and a great sponsor has said that they will donate $50k to Alex's Lemonade stand. Each of us have donated a photo of us which has been transformed into a vampire. In order for the sponsor to donate the $50k they would like the overall hits of the photos to be at least 2 million. So here is my photo ( ) please view it as many time as you want, and share it because the quicker we get the views the quicker the money will be donated. There is a prize for the photo with the most views but because I live outside of the USA I cannot win it, please do not think I am doing this just for the prize. It won't cost you a penny, so please click on the link ( ) and try and get my views up


Now onto the Book Talk...Enjoy x

Link for Moon Scars:

Other FanFiction Stories (All Rated M):

Family of Perfection (Twilight - Bella and Edward) -
Edward and Bella have known each other since he was 8 and she was 5. The two become best friends. Set 20 years later the two have a daughter but are nothing more than friends, can their friendship progress into something more?

Too Bad (One Tree Hill - Brucas) -
Brooke has 4 kids and is in an abusive relationship. When Lucas finds her working at a dinner, he takes her and the kids back to Tree Hill. But can Brooke get over her trust issues to fall in love with Lucas again?

It's a sign (Twilight - Bella and Edward) -
Edward is a single father looking after his deaf daughter. When shopping he can't believe his eyes when Bella stops to sign to his daughter. Will the two hit it off for the sake of his daughter, who wants a mother?

Silence and Security (Twilight - Bella and Edward) -
Widowed Bella is left with a mute daughter. When they move to a new house will her new neighbour and his daughter accept them?

Other One Shot Stories (All Rated M):

Dismissed Love (One Tree Hill - Leyton) -
Peyton is in a loveless relationship with Nathan. After the death of Brooke and the birth of her daughter will she rekindle her love with Lucas or will she remain in the loveless marriage for the sake of her child?

Remember Me (One Tree Hill - Leyton) -
Every 2 years she buys a new dress for him...can they make it past the two year mark?

A Life in Shambles (Twilight - Bella and Jasper) -
When Bella wants one thing in the world more than anything will Jasper give it to her no matter the cost?

Baby (Twilight - Edward and ...) -
They've been friends since they were infants...but what happens when he calls everyone else Baby except for her?

Slumbering Swan (Twilight - Bella and Edward) -
A modern take on Sleeping Beauty

Warm Nights (Twilight - Bella and Edward) -
Bella is fed up of her life and needs a break. When she goes away to relieve herself of stress she meets someone new. Is it permanent or will it just be a holiday romance?

- Love Anika (Aniiyy) xx

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